Susan Nelson draws from her life experiences as Realtor, Feng Shui consultant, photographer, cancer survivor, “flower child” of the 70’s, wife, gardener, and voracious reader and learner, to create programs as varied and compelling as her life story. 

Susan grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and attended college in Boulder, Colorado.  She hitch-hiked through Europe for 7 months in the early 1970’s, and “landed” in San Francisco where she received a degree in fine arts at the Academy of Art college.  She opened a photography studio there, and later moved her studio to Minneapolis in the mid 1980’s. 

Less than a year into her new career as a Realtor in 1996, Susan was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  This experience has been her biggest blessing and opportunity.  During and after her recuperation, she has read many books and attended dozens of classes about health, Feng Shui, positive attitude, Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Law of Attraction, and other empowering topics.  

As an archetypical teacher, Susan has been compelled to share what she has learned (and continues to learn) with others.  Her informal talks to small groups have grown and evolved to popular presentations for a broader audience.  Her core message is that we all are creative geniuses, and we all have the capability to create a life that we love.  She provides the information, tools and methods to achieve that goal.

The incredible success of the movie and book “The Secret” indicates that there is a huge audience for how to incorporate the Law of Attraction into our lives.  Invite Susan to motivate and educate your audience to create and achieve their hearts’ desires!